Privacy Policy

The present privacy statement deals with affirming the Company’s complete dedication to privacy matters. Below you will find the fundamentals of the Company’s policy as for privacy of the data collecting and distribution as practiced at the following website: The surver’s IP address is used to facilitate website administrating routines as well as to help us dealing with our server issues.

Each user is asked to fill in some of data forms at the website for further cooperation (here belong the forms for newsletter subscription, affiliate distribution partner program, bidding account, etc.). This does not mean, however, that the information the user is asked to share is a subject to further distribution between third party individuals or companies, neither do we give publicity to any piece of information we receive from our customers. You can rest assured that all of the privacy data you input in the corresponding forms like your full name, email address, etc. will not be stored in our database for purposes other than initially indicated in our online forms according to our choice. Our Company’s privacy regulation does not however prevent us from sharing your personal information in purposes imposed by forensic necessity and induced by respective authorities. This disclosure will not be considered the grounds for your eventual sueing the Company for sharing your personal information with a third party as it will be solely conditioned by Civil law bidding our Company to give assistance to justice within its powers. As long as the links to other web resources that can be found at our websites are concerned, BizzClick is not responsible for the contents of any of such.

You have the opt-out facility if you are not interested in BizzClick periodical e-mailing that basically consists of the Company’s news. For this go to choice/opt-out section of the website. Our website security is enhanced with the help of ciphers protecting the information our users share with us from any fraudulent intrusion or phishing activities.

Business Transitions

In case of our Company’s acquisition by any other corporative entity, merger, etc., your personal information will be considered as a part of the Company’s initial possessions and eventually become a property of the newly formed company.


During the initial personal information collecting any user is free to opt-out of getting the Company’s periodical newsletters by ticking out the respective field. However, if you for some reason have failed to do so during registration process or changed your opinion as for receiving the Company’s periodical communications, you can take one of the following steps to stop BizzClick from e-mailing you. - Sending unsubscribe email to


If you for some reason would like to change the personal information you shared with us during the registration process you can send us an e-mail with the required changes listed in it.

Changes to Privacy Statement

We keep the right to introduce the necessary changes according to our own choice in which case we will communicate the changes to our users through our web resource, so please do not forget to revisit the Privacy Statement page every once in a while.

Contacting the Web Site

For those wanting to receive more detailed information about this website’s work, our Privacy Statement or cooperation matters please feel free to send your query e-mail to:

BizzClick LLP.

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