Targeting Customization options are Geo, Time, Keyword and Category targeting.

Targeting Customization

Different campaigns need different targeting tools. We included all the options you may need for your Targeting customization when creating your campaign. You only need to choose the type of targeting and our system will work for you.

BizzClick Targeting Performance

In order to target your campaign as much precisely as you want, we provide you with the following tools: Geotargeting, Time targeting, Keyword targeting and Category targeting.



This tool will help you to choose the preferable country/list of countries you want to show your ad in. In this way you attract only the audience you need, from a particular geographic area, and protect yourself from unnecessary clicks.
Time targeting

Time targeting

Time targeting is a very useful option. It gives an opportunity to display the ad at certain time intervals. You may define several hours or days or any other time period you need. Thus the advertiser can reduce the number of inefficient ad impressions and costs.
Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting

This is one more way you can target your campaign by. You may upload your own keyword list or create it in our system, using different options to expand it. Add more keywords to make your campaign more efficient.
Category Targeting

Category targeting

You can target your campaign by category/ies. Here you may choose the category you are interested in.

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