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The winner is not someone who invests in business development more than others, but the one who pays only for necessary. Our service is designed for advertisers who want to benefit from every dollar invested. How do we work?

How to become an Advertiser with BizzClick?

Tools & Benefits from BizzClick

FISOAP system filters and sorts according to traffic quality.

FiSoAp System

FIlter, SOrt and APpreciate. This feature helps to filter and to sort the traffic we receive by its quality. Thus our clients receive only high-quality traffic.

Further information about FISOAP System.
Keyword Tool will help you to diversify keyword list.

Keyword Tool

This tool will help you to arrange the list of keywords you want to use in a campaign. There are special options to expand and to diversify your keyword list. Also you may view the bid, search and clicks rating of a particular keyword in our system and the same rating by Google.

Brief info on Keyword Tool is reflected in this section.
Targeting Customization options are Geo, Time, Keyword and Category targeting.

Targeting Customization

You may target your campaign as much precisely as you want with the help of our targeting tools: Geotargeting, Time targeting, Keyword targeting, Category targeting.

Detailed info on Targeting Customization to target your campaign more precisely.
Get more privileges according to your rating in our system.

Rating System

This system will help you to see the efficiency of your work and will give you the opportunity to get your well-earned bonuses.

To avail of working with BizzClick and get more privileges, please read the precise information on Rating System here.
After-sales Service is available for every client of BizzClick.

Customer Service

If you have already become our client you are more than welcome to use our After Sales Service. It will give you an opportunity to be supervised by a Personal Manager, influence on his Rating and leave your own comments on Testimonial board.

Advantages of working with BizzClick are presented in this section.
Customer support team will gladly assist you at any time.

24/7 Support

We will provide you with necessary information and our technical support is ready to assist you 24/7. Our specialists will kindly help you with any of your inquiries.

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