Keyword Tool will help you to diversify keyword list.

Keyword Tool

This tool will help you to arrange the list of keywords you want to use in a campaign. There are special options to expand and diversify your keyword list. Also you may view the bids, searches and clicks rating of a particular keyword in our system. At the same time you could find similar or misspelled keywords.

BizzClick Keyword Tool Performance

Keywords will help you to make your advertising campaign the most fine-tune. Choose the appropriate keyword for the campaign targeting. To avail from all the possibilities of Keyword tool you need to get points. For more information, please proceed to the Rating system screen.

Advanced Keyword Research

Keyword Search

Advanced keyword search option helps advertisers who wish to expand their seed keywords, change tense, singular/pural and verb forms, keywords that exactly match seed keywords and still can be expanded.
LSI Keyword

LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Indexing of keywords is one more function to diversify your keyword list. The system identifies patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text. For advertisers, who wish to go broad with their list.
misspelling words

Misspelling Keywords

Many people make typing mistakes entering keywords, have difficulties with spelling or may write words in different ways. For this case we have such a function as Misspelling keywords. Expand your keyword list using this tool.
Keywords lists

Keywords Lists

Create your own keywords lists, using our keyword toolbar. You can appraise and compare different keywords buy CPC, searches, clicks etc. Create and save your own lists to use them in your campaigns.

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