After-sales Service is available for every client of BizzClick.

Customer Service

Immediately after the registration in our system, you get an opportunity to take advantage of the full range of solutions that we offer as a part of After-sales Service. You will avail from working with your personal manager, rating system for managers' evaluation, interactive communication with the other users and your manager, the availability of support 24/7. We support communicators those are comfortable for you. We are looking for cooperation with you.

BizzClick Customer Service Performance

Customer Service will give you an opportunity to be assisted by Personal Manager, influence on his Rating and leave your comments on Testimonials board.

personal manager

Personal Manager

This service was specially designed in order to facilitate our cooperation. Your personal manager will gladly guide you through the work of our system according to your demands and needs. He will be aware of your account details, thus you will get fast and effective personal support. Please, do not hesitate to contact your personal manager concerning any inquiry you have.
Rating System

Manager Rating System

Manager rating system gives you an opportunity to view the rating of a concrete manager and influence it by your own evaluation. You can also become familiar with the testimonials our clients have left about the manager and write your own. We highly appreciate your opinion! Do not forget to leave a comment.
testimonials board, reviews

Testimonials Board

Would you like to rate our managers’ service? Than you are welcome to leave your comments concerning your likes and dislikes at our testimonials board. It is of great importance for us to know your opinions.

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