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This section will clarify you to the benefits of our promotional materials and their working principle. Also you may find answers to all the possible questions those may arise during the integration process of each promo material.

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What is the XML feed and whar are the requirements to get it?

XML feed is basically partnering up with other search engines to provide the user with more information to facilitate search results to the user. Search results are written in the simplified version of HTML in which they are fed in search engine index and can be read and interpreted the data for maximum keyword exposure. Please remember the XML Feed is an advanced integration, used for large sites only. Our ad boxes should work well in 99.99% of the cases. Make sure you comply with the requirements if you request the XML Feed. Requirements for the XML Feed:

  • your site or network should receive 10,000+ visitors daily;
  • your site or network should generate 2,000+ clicks daily;
  • main countries should be USA, Canada, or European countries;
  • we do not accept generated clicks. Programs such as PTR, PTC, etc... are NOT accepted;
  • sites that are under construction are not accepted.

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