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This section will clarify you to the benefits of our promotional materials and their working principle. Also you may find answers to all the possible questions those may arise during the integration process of each promo material.

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How can I request XML Feed?

To request XML Feed:

  • log in to your to your account;
  • go to Publisher panel;
  • choose "Promo tools" - XML feed;
  • you will observe the list of your subaccounts;
  • choose the subaccount you want to get XML for and press the "Request XML feed";
  • you will see the XML feed request page;
To get the XML feed, please, provide us with the following information:
  • unique visitors/day;
  • queries/day;
  • clicks/day to expect;
  • full list of URLs where our ads will appear;
  • top countries;
  • top markets (e.g: Gambling, Video Games, Mobile, Adult...);
  • traffic sources. The way you generate your traffic (e.g. Search Engines, affiliates, advertising, SEO...);
  • provide examples of these sources. For example, if you do SEO, provide examples of pages indexed in search engines;
  • if you are working with affiliates, please explain how it works and give us examples of your top affiliates.
Be accurate and try to complete this form as soon as possible so your request could be answered quickly

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