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This section will clarify you to the benefits of our promotional materials and their working principle. Also you may find answers to all the possible questions those may arise during the integration process of each promo material.

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What is the Ad Box?

This is a text banner customized by you according to your settings and preferences. You may Select Ad Format that you need in a block ‘Ad options’, and which will be more comfortable to you. The following formats are available:

  • text + image vertical 260X340;
  • text + image horizontal 336x280;
  • text + image horizontal 300x250;
  • text + image leader board 728x90;
  • text + image half leader board 314x90;
  • text + image full page 700x220;
  • horizontal 728x90;
  • horizontal 468x60;
  • horizontal 300x250;
  • horizontal 234x60;
  • vertical skycraper 160x400;
  • vertical skycraper 120x600;
  • vertical skycraper 120x240;
  • vertical skycraper 336x280;
  • vertical skycraper 200x200;
  • vertical skycraper 200x90;
  • vertical skycraper 180x150;
  • vertical skycraper 160x600;
  • half page 600x240.

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